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I became an NYS Registered Family Daycare Provider in my home in 2005. During this time I've become a National Association Family Child Care Accreditation {NAFCC}, M.A.T trained, Freedom of Movement which is now Safe Places, Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, and I participate in the NY Quality Stars program.

My husband, son Daniel {passed away at age 14-memories become a treasure}, Allie {dog}, and Daycare pets. Taking the camper and going to a campsite is a whole different atmosphere that takes us away from our everyday life.

For me, I actually enjoy taking training/classes as I feel just learning one piece of information at a time is worth my time.

If I could give one piece of advice to another provider it would be Q-Tip {Quit Taking It Personally}. Yes, there are days I repeat this in my head and do calm breathing.

I find being a provider is rewarding when I see children using what I've taught them and seeing them using their words to communicate with their classmates. I focus a good amount on social-emotional skills and children express themselves, children learn through play through the domains covering the areas in child-directed play, process art, children explore weather during outside play, caring for Zip &Zag, and just being on the floor and just listen to what the children want to tell me even when I get told the same topic.

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