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You can now import existing PDF files, or convert your new or existing drawings to PDF. They will automatically import and display in the drawing and can be annotated. You can add comments to the imported PDF files and edit the captions to match your drawing.Additionally, you can now use the PDF Conversion feature to convert a live drawing into PDF. You can then import the converted PDF file into a new or existing drawing. You can import the edited PDF into other applications.Import and add Comments to your drawingsWhat’s new in AutoCAD 2023DRAWING MANAGEMENT:The new sheet set manager can manage your sheets, page orders, master pages, hotspots, and other drawing elements. You can rearrange pages of drawings with a single click, and you can add new sheets to your drawing. You can specify a page order for the drawings, so that the sheets will be arranged by drawing number or any other criteria.Page Orders:The new page-based drawing order allows you to specify a drawing order for the drawings that make up a sheet set. This order must be maintained in the file or sheet set. You can specify the order for either the drawings or the page numbers of each drawing.The new hotspots feature allows you to highlight specific areas of your drawing for easy annotation and adding of text. With just a few clicks you can create, edit, delete, and add hotspots. You can use hotspots to annotate and make changes to drawings.Add drawings or page orders to a sheet set:You can now create a new sheet set and add new sheets to the sheet set from the dialog box. You can add sheet sets directly to a drawing. Sheet sets can be used to group related drawings, such as a set of sheet walls. You can add master pages or other page elements such as hotspots and any other drawing objects.Hotspots and annotations:You can add comments to your drawings or use hotspots to add annotations directly to your drawings. You can use hot spots to mark points of interest in your drawing. You can create hotspots in the same way you create standard annotations, and you can import existing annotations. With the new Quickly Add Hotspots command, you can add hot spots to your drawings with a single click.You can use the new Edit Hotspots and Annotations tool to edit the contents of hotspots and annotations. You 2be273e24d


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