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Hi! I'm Kacie Grieco and I recently started as the Business Support Specialist at the Child Care Council. This position combines my passion for advocacy with my training and experience in business and benefits our most important resource; our children.  Over the past 10 months of the pandemic I was the administrator of an un-school, which was our community's response to the closing of schools again in Fall 2020, and the need for educators to teach children; as parents were now juggling more than ever. Nine parents choose to homeschool their children and implementing all the guidance of the CDC, met in a outdoor learning pod 3 days each week of 12-15 learners, age 4-9. This pod's learning was facilitated through play based initiatives that were passion based and discovery driven and was led by a certified literacy specialist who holds a dual certification in early childhood education & special education. This opportunity of witnessing children discovering their love for learning and ever expanding wonder for the world around us sparked a desire for me to ask, "What if all children could have access to experience engaging, nurturing, affordable, quality childcare and early learning services?" The answer is they can. And the Child Care Council of Orange County is dedicated to ensuring innovative and inclusive programs are accessible to meet the needs of the parents in Orange County. My degree in Business Management has provided the abilty to support and strengthen childcare business through consultation and analysis. Throughout my career I have held positions in which I fundamentally support the business functions and units of the human service and mental health fields. This knowledge base coupled with my passion for early education and advocacy are what will allow me to succeed as the business partner to Childcare providers in Orange County.



Through group trainings and individual sessions, business consultation services are available to any Childcare provider in Orange County funded through the Child Care Stabilization Grant, and to all members of the Child Care Council of Orange County. Email me to find out more or schedule a session to meet your unique needs!

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New York State has made available, through OCFS; $1.074 billion in the child care stabilization grant program.


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The Business Support Specialist position has been added to the network of resources  at the Child Care Council of Orange County available to all of our providers. My background and experience in business management allow me to provide integral business support and coaching in best practices for strategic planning and sustained success. The application period for the Child Care Stabilization Grant is open until November 30, 2021. For assistance with completing your application or questions regarding funding, please call 845-294-4012 ext. 227.

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With this initiative, our goal is to promote great opportunities for those in need. With access to the right resources, programs can become empowered by their own abilities, parents can gain confidence in the availability of quality programs, and children can fulfill their potential in compassionate inclusive environments. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with your business support specialist today.




September 2, 2021

It reads "There have been some questions as to how this could potentially impact a home-based child care provider who receives Section 8 subsidy, and whether these monies are counted in the household’s income. Statewide reached out to HUD for clarification on the subject, and HUD determined that the income should be excluded as it would fall under temporary, sporadic income. Therefore, please exclude such income if any of your applicants/participants are receiving this assistance."


September 24, 2021

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