Pre-Licensing Information

Child Care Council of Orange County Orientation Information
The Child Care Council of Orange County provides support for people and organizations that are interested in starting Family Day Care programs and School Age Child Care in their communities. Any day care program planning to serve three or more children for more than three hours a day on a regular basis must obtain a registration certificate. To obtain this certificate, the applicant must show that the day care program meets requirements that the state has established to help ensure the health and safety of children in care.

Those interested in starting the process of becoming a Family Day Care provider in their home or opening School Age Child Care site in a commercial building, must attend an Orientation Session. This can be done online or through the council.

Interested Family Day Care parties are invited to stop in at the council the second Tuesday of every month at 10:00am.
The requests for applications are entered after the session. No application requests will be made without the applicant attending the Orientation Session.
Interested School Age Child Care parties need to call (845)294-4012 and make an appointment.
Interested applicants may also go to the Office of Children and Family Services and complete the online orientation; The Link to the Orientation can be found at the bottom of this page

Child Care Center and Group Family programs are handled by the Spring Valley Regional Office - contact (845) 708-2498

Q - How do I become a child care provider in the home?
A - Are you a warm and caring person who is at least 18 years of age or older?
Do you have at least two years experience working with children (family or otherwise)?
Do you live in the residence where you can provide care and does it have two exits?
Will you agree to care for children regardless of race, color, gender, religion, national origin or handicapping condition? If the criteria listed above applies to you, please complete an online application at or call the Child Care Council of Orange County at (845) 294-4012.

Q - Do my own children count in my capacity?
A - There are two things to know:
• You can care for two children besides your own children and do not have to be registered.
• Once registered/licensed, the provider’s own children must be five years old and enrolled in kindergarten or above in order for them to no longer count in the provider’s day care capacity.

Q- Do I need a certain amount of space in my day care area?

A- NYS Regulations do not specify a specific amount of space to be a FDC or GFDC Provider. The residence must have 2 exits. There should be enough space for children to crawl, jump, walk, play, etc. comfortably. SACC (School Age programs) and Child Care Centers have a requirement of thirty-five square feet per child indoors.

Q- Is there a cost to becoming a provider?
A- There is no cost to receive a registration or license. However, the prospective provider must meet the requirements of the regulations to become registered or licensed. Prospective providers must pass a Health and Safety Competency course which is $275 and be Adult/Child/Infant CPR/First Aid certified.

Please call The Council at (845) 294-4012 x227 for the dates and times for these classes.

Q- How long is the registration/license good for?
A-A registration/license is good for two years. There has been a recent regulation change that they are now good for four years. About six months before the registration/license expires, you will be mailed a renewal application. One of the requirements that may be subject to change is that to maintain your registration/license one must take thirty hours of training within the registration/license period. Certificates are given out at each training and the provider is responsible for submitting them with their renewal application.

Q-Is there financial help to become an in-home provider?
A - NYS has monies to reimburse a potential provider once they pass the health and safety course AND become registered or licensed.

• Health and Safety Rebate form
The Council may have startup monies available as well. Contact (845) 294-4012 x222 for more information.

The Council may have startup monies available as well. Contact (845) 294-4012 x222 for more information.